All 10th Planet coaches are committed to providing the highest quality instruction for all types of learners!

Coach Corey

Coach Corey is a full-time instructor and professional jiu-jitsu competitor.  He is currently a black belt under his friend and mentor, professor Louis Ho. Corey trains 5-6 hours a day and spends the rest of his time managing the gym and studying the art. Corey began training while in graduate school (where he obtained a Master's Degree in political science), eventually deciding to forgo an academic career to train and teach full time. Corey takes a scientific approach to learning and teaching jiu-jitsu. By constantly studying film, constructing charts, and testing findings in the gym, he labours to ensure that our academy is always on the cutting edge. Corey has trained and competed all over the world and his highlights include gold medals from the expert categories at the NAGA Worlds, the Rickson Cup (NY), the Fuji NY Open, Grappling Industries, SAU, Grapplers Quest, and many other promotions. Corey is also the Grappling Industries Lake George Super Absolute Champion (2018), the SAU Montreal NoGi Absolute champion (2016), and the Headhunter Sub-Only Absolute champion (2015). Corey’s biggest accomplishments on the mats are his win at the 2018 Pan ams – Master (brown belt) and wins at the Finishers Sub-Only Pro Events.

Coach Francis

He has been training since the summer of 2013. He won a gold medal at his first competition after 6 months of training and that's when he decided to focus only on BJJ for his martial arts training. He received his blue and purple belt from 10th Planet Montreal's Louis Ho and also trains under Corey Guitard. He competed and medaled in multiple SAU, Grappling Industries, Sub X, Montreal Invitational, NAGA, Finishers Sub Only and is the 2018 NAGA Expert -169 world champion. He competes everytime he gets a chance and is always looking to improve his skills as a competitor and teacher. His favorite attacks are the kimura and triangle but will take anything else that's given to him

Coach Scott

Scott’s a passionate practitioner of jiu-jitsu. Having always been a fan of mixed martial arts and also having some experience with Wing Chung kung fu, he found his home and love for jiu-jitsu at 10th Planet Montreal in Verdun and has been their ever since. He’s a purple belt under coach Louis ‘’Street’’ Ho. Scott also travels quite a bit to 10th planet seminars and visits other schools so that he’s up to date with the latest technics from the 10th planet system. His love for jiu-jitsu has motivated him to share his knowledge and is now teaching at the 10th Planet West island location.

Coach Joey

Joey Guerin has been studying martial arts since the age of 15. He’s competed in various disciplines such as Kyokushin Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, BJJ and MMA. Many fights later, Joey is now focused on teaching and sharing his passion for martial arts with the community. Joey's classes include fundamental techniques and an in-depth analysis of combat/fight strategy

Coach Kyle

A lifetime martial artist and taekwondo black belt, also trained in the arts of: kyokushin karate, boxing , kickboxing and brazilian jiujitsu. Athlete turned coach and trainer after 10 years of competition. Now looking to give back by teaching and making martials arts accessible to everyone so we can all share the passion.

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